Information about when we close for training and about the surgery being a training practice.

Staff Training

Please be aware that we will be closed for staff training one afternoon every month. During this time the NHS 111 service  will cover the surgery if you require urgent medical assistance.

The dates for 2020/21 are:

  • Thursday 30/1/20
  • Thursday 27/1/20
  • Thursday 19/3/20
  • Thursday 30/4/20
  • Thursday 4/6/20
  • Thursday 16/7/20
  • Thursday 24/9/20
  • Thursday 22/10/20
  • Thursday 26/11/20
  • Thursday 28/1/21
  • Thursday 25/2/21
  • Thursday 25/3/21

Training Practice

The practice is committed to the further training of health professionals. These include medical students, nurses and GP trainees. Staff receiving training are fully supervised but if you prefer not to receive care from someone in training please say and we will honour your preference.